Automatic Medical HMEF HME Filter Paper Roll Winding Machine 2024 High Speed 22-60mm Roll Diameter

Place of Origin china
Brand Name longwangda
Model Number CR002
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Packaging Details wooden
Delivery Time 45days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 2SET/M

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Product Details
Glue Automatic Applicable Industries Medical
Roll Diameter 22-60mm Marketing Type New Product 2024
Voltage 220V Weight 100 Kg
Condition New Speed Adjustable
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Product Description

Automatic Medical HMEF HME Filter Paper Roll Winding Machine 2024 High Speed 22-60mm Roll Diameter

Product Description:

The Tape Winding Machine, designed with precision engineering, is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that stands out in the realm of HMEF paper winding and HMEF Adhesive Strip Reeling Machinery. This machine is built to cater to the needs of industries that require highly reliable and efficient tape winding solutions. With a robust construct and a weight of 100 Kg, it is both stable and durable, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of continuous industrial use.

One of the key features that make this machine incredibly versatile and user-friendly is its adjustable speed control. This functionality allows operators to set the winding speed according to the specific requirements of the task at hand, providing flexibility and precision in the winding process. Whether the job entails a delicate touch or a need for quicker production times, this machine's adaptable speed settings can meet various operational demands without compromising on the quality of the output.

The Tape Winding Machine is designed to be inclusive in terms of compatibility with electrical systems. It offers electrical connections that can accommodate both 110V and 220V at 50Hz, making it a versatile piece of machinery that can be deployed in different regions with varying electrical specifications. This feature ensures that the machine can be easily integrated into existing workflows without the need for additional electrical modifications.

From an aesthetic and functional standpoint, the Tape Winding Machine is presented in a sleek stainless steel color that not only gives it a modern and professional appearance but also offers the advantages of durability and ease of cleaning. Stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion and staining, making it an ideal material for machinery that requires minimal maintenance while operating in potentially harsh industrial environments.

The machine is equipped with an automatic tape cutting method that significantly enhances its efficiency. This automated process ensures that each tape is cut precisely at the required length, reducing waste and saving time. The automation of the cutting process also minimizes the need for manual intervention, allowing for a more streamlined operation and the ability to handle higher volumes of tape winding without sacrificing quality.

As an integral component of the HMEF Adhesive Strip Reeling Machinery category, this Tape Winding Machine is engineered to meet the exacting standards required for the production of heat and moisture exchange filters (HMEF). Its precision winding capability ensures that the adhesive strips are coiled with consistent tension and alignment, which is critical for the functionality and performance of HMEF applications.

In conclusion, the Tape Winding Machine is an exceptional tool for businesses looking to enhance their tape winding processes. It combines weight stability, adjustable speed, dual voltage compatibility, a sleek stainless steel design, and an automatic cutting feature to deliver a product that excels in performance and reliability. For any industry involved in HMEF paper winding or requiring high-quality HMEF Adhesive Strip Reeling Machinery, this machine represents a wise investment that can lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved operational efficiency.



  • Product Name: Tape Winding Machine
  • Marketing Type: New Product 2024
  • Tape Cutting Method: Automatic
  • Glue: Automatic
  • Condition: New
  • Electrical Connections: 110V/220V 50Hz
  • Key Feature: HME Filter Machine
  • Recommended Supplier: HME Filter Manufacturer
  • Production Origin: HME Filter Equipment Factory

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Speed Adjustable
Type Automatic
Shipping Free
Applicable Industries Medical
Used For Roll Winding
Color Stainless Steel
Glue Automatic
Voltage 220V
Marketing Type New Product 2024
Certificates Only Free To India


The longwangda Tape Winding Machine, model number CR002, is a versatile equipment designed for the precise wrapping of various products, particularly in the manufacturing of HME (Heat and Moisture Exchange) filters. This machine, originating from China, is an ideal solution for factories and production lines that require high-quality tape winding applications with a minimum order quantity of just one set.

longwangda's CR002 model is built with robustness in mind, featuring a stainless steel color that enhances its durability and makes it suitable for various industrial environments. With a weight of about 100 Kg, this machine promises stability and efficiency in operation. The adjustable speed feature allows operators to control the winding process according to the specific requirements of the task at hand, ensuring precision and adaptability for different HME filter production scenarios.

The CR002 model is equipped with an automatic motor winding mechanism, which makes it an essential part of the HME Filter Automatic Machine lineup. The machine's advanced technology guarantees consistent performance, making it a popular choice among HME Filter Machine Factories. Its packaging details include a secure wooden case, which ensures that the machine reaches the customer without any transit damage.

With a delivery time of 45 days and flexible payment terms via T/T, the longwangda Tape Winding Machine is accessible for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities. The machine has a supply ability of 2 sets per month, catering to both small-scale and larger production demands. Additionally, it comes with certificates that allow it to be freely operated in India, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

The electrical connections for the CR002 model are designed to accommodate both 110V and 220V 50Hz power supplies, making it suitable for a variety of regional electrical standards. This feature is especially beneficial for HME Filter Automatic Motor Winding Machine operations, where consistent electrical performance is critical for maintaining high-quality output.

In summary, the longwangda Tape Winding Machine, with its multifaceted features and efficient production capabilities, is an essential asset for any HME Filter Machine Factory. Its combination of adjustable speed, robust design, and compliance with international standards, makes it a reliable and valuable tool for a wide range of product application occasions and scenarios.



Brand Name: longwangda

Model Number: CR002

Place of Origin: china

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set

Packaging Details: wooden

Delivery Time: 45days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 2SET/M

Speed: Adjustable

Marketing Type: New Product 2024

Tape Cutting Method: Automatic

Roll Diameter: 22-60mm

Applicable Industries: Medical

The longwangda CR002 Tape Winding Machine is a high-precision device designed to address the needs of the medical industry. Featuring an HME Filter Automatic Machine function, it is ideal for creating HMEF Adhesive Strip Reeling Machinery. With its automatic tape cutting method and adjustable speed, it can handle roll diameters ranging from 22 to 60mm, ensuring the HMEF paper winding Machine process is streamlined and efficient. Built with the superior craftsmanship you can expect from longwangda, the CR002 sets the standard for new products in 2024.


Support and Services:

Our Tape Winding Machine comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure your equipment operates at its best. We offer a range of services including installation guidance, operational training, troubleshooting, maintenance tips, and upgrade options.

Upon purchase, you will receive a detailed user manual that outlines the setup, operation, and maintenance procedures. If you encounter any issues or have questions during installation or operation, our dedicated support team is available to assist you with step-by-step instructions and practical solutions.

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime. Therefore, we provide prompt troubleshooting support for any operational issues you may face. Our team is well-versed in diagnosing and resolving problems quickly, ensuring your machine maintains optimal performance.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and reliability of your Tape Winding Machine. Our service includes providing maintenance schedules, tips on care and cleaning, and advice on regular check-ups to prevent wear and tear.

To keep your machine up to date and to enhance its capabilities, we offer information on the latest upgrades and how they can benefit your operations. Whether it’s a software update or a hardware enhancement, our team will guide you through the process.

Our commitment to excellence in service ensures that you will have a seamless and efficient experience with our Tape Winding Machine. We are dedicated to providing you with the support and services you need to achieve uninterrupted and high-quality production.


Packing and Shipping:

The Tape Winding Machine is securely packaged in a heavy-duty, corrugated cardboard box, designed to withstand the rigors of transport. The machine is anchored in place with custom-fit foam inserts that provide shock absorption and prevent movement during shipping. The box is sealed with industrial-strength tape and clearly labeled with handling instructions and fragile warnings to ensure careful transit.

Before dispatch, the package is weighed and measured to calculate the optimal shipping method. We use reputable courier services for delivery, offering tracking capabilities and insurance options to guarantee the safe arrival of your Tape Winding Machine. Upon shipment, customers will receive a notification with the tracking details to monitor their package's journey to its destination.