Stainless Steel Automatic HME Filter Paper Tape Winding Machine New 2024 Model 110V/220V Electrical Connections

Place of Origin china
Brand Name longwangda
Model Number CR002
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Packaging Details wooden
Delivery Time 45days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 2SET/M

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Product Details
Weight 100 Kg Condition New
Color Stainless Steel Marketing Type New Product 2024
Voltage 220V Type Automatic
Electrical Connections 110V/220V 50Hz Glue Automatic
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Product Description

Stainless Steel Automatic HME Filter Paper Tape Winding Machine New 2024 Model 110V/220V Electrical Connections

Product Description:

The Tape Winding Machine, offered by the HME Filter equipment Factory, is a cutting-edge solution designed for the efficient and automatic production of HME Filters. The machine, which is in brand new condition, embodies the pinnacle of technological innovation in the manufacturing sector. The HME Filter Automatic Machine is specifically engineered to cater to the demands of modern production lines, ensuring high-quality output and seamless operation.

Equipped with a robust electrical connection that supports both 110V and 220V at 50Hz, the Tape Winding Machine is versatile and can be integrated into a variety of industrial settings without the need for complex electrical modifications. This feature makes it an ideal choice for factories located in regions with different electrical standards, ensuring that it can meet the needs of a global clientele. Whether your facility operates on 110V or 220V, this machine can be seamlessly adapted to your existing power supply, minimizing any downtime associated with installation.

One of the key attributes of this machine is its weight, which stands at a solid 100 Kg. This weight reinforces the machine's stability during operation, ensuring that it remains steady and reduces any vibration that could compromise the quality of the HME Filters being produced. Despite its substantial weight, the machine's design has been optimized for ease of movement within the production facility, thus providing the perfect balance between stability and mobility.

Certification is a crucial aspect of industrial machinery, and the Tape Winding Machine exclusively holds Free To India certificates, demonstrating that it meets the stringent standards required for the Indian market. This certification provides peace of mind to Indian buyers, ensuring that the machine adheres to the necessary regulations and quality benchmarks that have been set forth by the industry. Customers can trust in the reliability and safety of this machine, knowing that it is certified for use within India.

Furthermore, the Tape Winding Machine comes with the added benefit of free shipping. This advantage alleviates any concerns about additional logistics costs, making it an even more attractive investment for your business. The manufacturer's commitment to providing free shipping underscores their confidence in the product's value and their dedication to customer satisfaction. By removing the shipping cost barrier, the HME Filter equipment Factory ensures that their clients can focus on what truly matters - enhancing their production capacity and quality with the Tape Winding Machine.

Investing in the Tape Winding Machine from the HME Filter equipment Factory is not just about acquiring a new piece of equipment; it is about embracing innovation and efficiency. This machine is designed to operate with precision and consistency, making it an indispensable asset for any company looking to produce HME Filters at scale. With the HME Filter Automatic Machine, businesses can expect a significant boost in productivity, reliability, and overall product quality.

In conclusion, the Tape Winding Machine stands out as a superior product for the automatic production of HME Filters. Its new condition, adaptable electrical connections, solid weight, certification for the Indian market, and the benefit of free shipping collectively make it a wise choice for any production facility looking to upgrade or expand its manufacturing capabilities. The HME Filter equipment Factory's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this machine, ensuring that it will be a valuable addition to your operations and contribute to the success of your business.



  • Product Name: Tape Winding Machine
  • Speed: Adjustable
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Automatic
  • Used For: Roll Winding
  • Shipping: Free
  • Manufacturer: HME Filter Factory
  • Application: HME Filter Adhesive Tape Making Machine
  • Category: HME Filter Automatic Machine

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Roll Diameter 22-60mm
Electrical Connections 110V/220V 50Hz
Condition New
Used For Roll Winding
Speed Adjustable
Certificates Only Free To India
Applicable Industries Medical
Color Stainless Steel
Glue Automatic
Marketing Type New Product 2024


The longwangda brand, renowned for its advanced machinery, presents the CR002 model of the Tape Winding Machine, an indispensable tool for modern industrial applications. Originating from China, this machine is engineered to cater to the demanding needs of the medical industry, where precision and reliability are paramount. The CR002 is designed as an Automatic HME Filter Adhesive Tape Cutting Machine, ensuring high efficiency and accuracy in production.

With a minimum order quantity of just one set, the CR002 model is readily available for purchase, making it an accessible solution for both small-scale operations and large enterprises. Each machine is carefully packaged in a wooden crate, providing maximum protection during transportation and ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. The delivery time is set at a reasonable 45 days, allowing for manufacturing and shipping processes to be completed without unnecessary delay.

Transactions for the CR002 model are conducted on a T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) payment basis, providing a secure and reliable method of payment. The supply capability of longwangda stands at an impressive 2 sets per month, enabling them to meet the demands of a growing client base. The machine operates at a standard voltage of 220V, making it compatible with a wide range of industrial settings.

The CR002 model boasts a sleek Stainless Steel color, fitting seamlessly into any professional environment. It also comes with certificates that allow it to be freely distributed to India, expanding its global reach and confirming its compliance with international standards. As a HMEF paper winding Machine, it is specifically tailored to handle the intricate processes involved in the production of HME filters, which are crucial components in medical devices.

longwangda's CR002 Tape Winding Machine is the go-to product for the HME Filter Machine Factory, ensuring that the critical task of producing heat and moisture exchanger filters is carried out with the utmost precision and care. The automatic features of this machine make it a highly desirable addition to any production line looking to increase throughput while maintaining the highest quality standards in medical manufacturing.



Brand Name: longwangda

Model Number: CR002

Place of Origin: china

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set

Packaging Details: wooden

Delivery Time: 45days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 2SET/M

Speed: Adjustable

Condition: New

Electrical Connections: 110V/220V 50Hz

Used For: Roll Winding

Shipping: Free

Discover the upgraded Generation HME Filter Machine designed to enhance your production capabilities. Our longwangda brand CR002 model is the epitome of efficiency in the realm of HME Filter Machines. Engineered with precision in china, this Tape Winding Machine is available with a minimum order quantity of just one set.

Every machine is carefully packaged in wooden crates to ensure its safety during transport. With a lead time of 45 days, we accept payments through T/T to facilitate a smooth transaction. Our production line is capable of supplying 2 sets per month, ensuring that we can meet your demands in a timely manner.

The speed of the HME Filter Adhesive Tape Cutting Machine is fully adjustable, catering to your specific production needs. It arrives in brand new condition, ready to deliver optimal performance. The electrical connections are versatile, supporting both 110V and 220V 50Hz inputs, making it suitable for various global industrial environments. It is primarily used for roll winding applications, offering seamless operation and precision cutting.

We pride ourselves on providing free shipping for this advanced Tape Winding Machine, ensuring that you receive your equipment without any additional freight costs. Choose our longwangda CR002 model for an unrivaled experience in HME Filter Machine efficiency and reliability.


Support and Services:

Our Tape Winding Machine comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure smooth operation and long-term reliability. We take pride in offering our customers the following support services:

Installation Assistance: Our team provides guidance on the proper installation of the Tape Winding Machine, ensuring that it is set up correctly for optimal performance from day one.

User Training: We offer detailed training sessions for operators to familiarize them with the machine's features, controls, and maintenance procedures, enhancing efficiency and safety in your production environment.

Maintenance Support: Regular maintenance is key to the longevity of your Tape Winding Machine. We provide maintenance schedules, best practices, and tips to keep your machine in top working condition.

Troubleshooting: In the event of an operational issue, our technical support team is available to help diagnose problems and guide you through step-by-step solutions to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible.

Parts Replacement: We supply a full range of genuine replacement parts for your Tape Winding Machine, ensuring compatibility and maintaining the machine's performance and durability.

Software Updates: If your Tape Winding Machine is equipped with software, we provide updates as they become available, so you can take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Technical Documentation: Comprehensive manuals and easy-to-understand guides are provided with the machine, offering quick reference for operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Remote Support: For quick resolution of minor issues or inquiries, our remote support service allows us to provide assistance directly through phone or internet-based communication tools.

Our commitment to excellence in support and services ensures that you can rely on your Tape Winding Machine for consistent, high-quality performance. Should you need any assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help.


Packing and Shipping:

The Tape Winding Machine will be securely packaged in a robust, corrugated cardboard box designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. The machine will be cushioned with ample padding materials such as bubble wrap and foam inserts to prevent movement and absorb shocks during shipping. The packaging will include a reinforced base and stabilizing supports to maintain the integrity of the machine.

Before sealing the box, we will ensure all accessories and complimentary items are included and securely fastened within the packaging. The exterior of the box will be sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and labeled with clear handling instructions to ensure careful transit. The package will also feature the appropriate warning labels and fragile stickers to inform handlers of the delicate nature of the contents.

The shipping of the Tape Winding Machine will be carried out by a reliable logistics partner with a track record of safe and timely deliveries. We will provide tracking information to the customer as soon as the machine is dispatched, allowing for real-time monitoring of the shipment. Upon arrival, the package will require a signature to confirm receipt, ensuring the machine reaches its destination securely.