Circular Bacterial Viral Filter Paper 3mm 15bar Max Differential Pressure 100℃ Operating Temp Artificial Nose

Place of Origin china
Brand Name longwangda
Certification Rohs/MSDS/Biocompatibilit report
Model Number lwd52066881-06e
Minimum Order Quantity 10000pcs
Packaging Details 10000PCS/BOX
Delivery Time 10-25DAY
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 30000pcs/day

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Product Details
Max Differential Pressure 15bar Packing In Bag
Pressure Drop 0.5bar Filtration Efficiency 99.99%
Max Sterilization Pressure 2bar Thickness 3mm
Max Operating Temperature 100℃ Shape Circular
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Circular Bacterial Viral Filter Paper


Bacterial Viral Filter Paper


3mm Bacterial Viral Filter Paper

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Product Description

Circular Bacterial Viral Filter Paper 3mm 15bar Max Differential Pressure 100℃ Operating Temp Artificial Nose

Product Description:

The Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide superior protection against bacterial and viral contaminants. With an impressive Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of greater than 99.99%, this filter paper is an essential component for critical applications in medical, laboratory, and industrial environments where sterility and purity are paramount. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art china factory, this product not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards required for filtration products in the market today.

Our Bacterial Viral Filter Paper boasts a maximum differential pressure of 15bar, indicating its ability to withstand significant pressure differentials without compromising its structural integrity or performance. This attribute is particularly important in high-pressure applications where the filter medium is expected to perform without failure, ensuring consistent and reliable filtration throughout its service life.

The precision-engineered pore size of this filter paper ranges from 0.5 to 2.5μm, which is optimized to capture a broad spectrum of bacterial and viral particles. This specific pore size distribution is critical for achieving the high BFE >99.99% rate, as it allows the filter to trap microscopic contaminants effectively while maintaining adequate airflow.

Regarding its physical characteristics, the filter paper is crafted into a practical circular shape, making it versatile for various devices and housing configurations. The shape has been carefully chosen to maximize the surface area for filtration while ensuring ease of installation and replacement. This design consideration ensures that users can incorporate the filter paper into their existing systems without the need for extensive modifications.

Moreover, this product comes with a standard thickness of 3mm, providing a balance between filter efficiency and material strength. The thickness contributes to the filter's durability and its ability to perform under varying degrees of usage intensity. Despite its robustness, the filter maintains a light weight, which is advantageous for applications where the addition of minimal weight is critical.

The manufacturing process of this Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is carried out in a highly controlled environment, ensuring that each batch produced meets the stringent quality standards expected by our clients. The china factory where the filter paper is produced is equipped with advanced technology and operated by skilled professionals who adhere to the highest levels of quality control. This commitment to excellence is evident in the superior performance and reliability of the product.

In summary, our Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is a premium filtration solution that guarantees a BFE >99.99%, making it one of the most efficient options available in the market. The product's high max differential pressure rating, optimal pore size, circular shape, and appropriate thickness make it a versatile and dependable choice for various applications. Manufactured in a leading china factory, customers can trust the quality and consistency of this filter paper to safeguard against bacterial and viral threats in their critical processes.



  • Product Name: Bacterial Viral Filter Paper
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Application: Bacterial And Viral Filtration
  • Pore Size: 0.5-2.5μm
  • Material: Paper
  • Flow Rate: 30l/min/100cm2
  • Commonly used as a bacterial filter paper
  • Suitable for use in CPAP Filters
  • Can be implemented as an Artificial Nose
 Circular Bacterial Viral Filter Paper 3mm 15bar Max Differential Pressure 100℃ Operating Temp Artificial Nose 0Circular Bacterial Viral Filter Paper 3mm 15bar Max Differential Pressure 100℃ Operating Temp Artificial Nose 1Circular Bacterial Viral Filter Paper 3mm 15bar Max Differential Pressure 100℃ Operating Temp Artificial Nose 2

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Application Bacterial And Viral Filtration (VFE>99.99%)
Max Sterilization Temperature 121℃
Max Sterilization Pressure 2bar
Packing In Bag
Diameter 50mm
Shape Circular
Max Differential Pressure 15bar
Max Operating Pressure 30bar
Thickness 3mm
Pressure Drop 0.5bar


The longwangda Bacterial Viral Filter Paper, model number lwd52066881-06e, is specifically engineered to provide unparalleled protection against harmful pathogens. With a proven BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of >99.99%, this filter paper is an indispensable component in scenarios where sterile environments are imperative. Originating from China and backed by certifications such as Rohs, MSDS, and a Biocompatibility report, this product assures quality and safety in its application.

Primarily utilized in the medical field, the longwangda filter paper is perfect for integration into devices like Artificial Noses and CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Filters. These critical applications are essential in operating rooms, intensive care units, and respiratory therapy departments. The filter paper's ability to trap bacteria and viruses ensures a high level of air purity, thereby safeguarding both patients and healthcare providers from airborne contaminants.

The product is available with a minimum order quantity of 10000 pieces, making it suitable for both large-scale hospital requirements and smaller medical facilities. Each box contains 10000PCS, all neatly packed in bags to maintain sterility and integrity of the filters. With a delivery time ranging from 10 to 25 days and secure payment terms via T/T, longwangda guarantees prompt and reliable service. Furthermore, their impressive supply ability of 30000pcs per day ensures that demand can be met promptly and efficiently.

The longwangda Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is designed with a thickness of 3mm and can operate effectively at a maximum temperature of 100℃. The pressure drop is maintained at a low level of 0.5bar, facilitating the filter's performance without significantly impeding airflow. Such features make it suitable for continuous use over extended periods, without compromising on protection or comfort.

With its robust construction and meticulous design, the longwangda filter paper is also suitable for use in laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and any setting where air quality control is a priority. It serves as a critical barrier against contamination, playing a vital role in the creation and maintenance of clean room conditions.

In summary, the longwangda Bacterial Viral Filter Paper stands out as an essential product for high-efficiency bacterial and viral filtration applications. Its suitability for a variety of high-risk environments, combined with reliable delivery and packaging details, positions it as a top choice for healthcare and industrial sectors keen on maintaining the highest standards of air purity and contamination prevention.



Brand Name: longwangda

Model Number: lwd52066881-06e

Place of Origin: china

Certification: Rohs/MSDS/Biocompatibilit report

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000pcs

Packaging Details: 10000PCS/BOX

Delivery Time: 10-25DAY

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 30000pcs/day

Max Differential Pressure: 15bar

Max Sterilization Temperature: 121℃

Packing: In Bag

Material: Paper

Pressure Drop: 0.5bar

Our High efficiency filter is designed to meet the rigorous standards of the medical industry. As a leading provider of CPAP Filter solutions, our longwangda branded Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is the perfect choice for your respiratory protection needs. Each Sterile EO Disposable Filter is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance while ensuring patient safety.


Support and Services:

The Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is designed to provide efficient filtration of bacterial and viral particles. Its technical support and services ensure that users can maximize the product's performance and longevity. Our support includes guidance on proper usage, storage, and disposal of the filter paper, to ensure safety and compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, we offer troubleshooting assistance for any issues encountered during the product's application. For detailed instructions and support, please refer to the product manual or our online resources.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Bacterial Viral Filter Paper:

Our Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is sealed in a sterile, airtight package to ensure the utmost integrity and efficiency of the product. Each sheet is individually wrapped in high-quality, durable material that is resistant to moisture and contamination. The packaging is clearly labeled with product information, including usage instructions, expiration date, and lot number for quality tracking.

Shipping Information for Bacterial Viral Filter Paper:

The product is shipped in sturdy, protective boxes that are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. Inside the box, the packaged filter papers are secured with cushioning materials to prevent movement and damage during transit. The shipping label includes all necessary handling instructions and warnings, such as "Fragile" and "Keep Dry," to alert carriers of the sensitive nature of the contents. A tracking number is provided for each shipment, allowing customers to monitor the delivery status of their order.