Circular Bacterial Filter Paper 3mm 30l/min Flow Rate 15bar Max Differential Pressure Medical Viral Filter

Place of Origin china
Brand Name longwangda
Certification Rohs/MSDS/Biocompatibilit report
Model Number lwd52066881-06e
Minimum Order Quantity 10000pcs
Packaging Details 10000PCS/BOX
Delivery Time 10-25DAY
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 30000pcs/day

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Product Details
Filtration Efficiency 99.99% Max Differential Pressure 15bar
Max Sterilization Pressure 2bar Shape Circular
Pore Size 0.5-2.5μm Thickness 3mm
Flow Rate 30l/min/100cm2 Material Paper
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30l/min bacterial Filter paper


3mm bacterial Filter paper


Circular Medical Viral Filter paper

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Product Description

Circular bacterial filter paper 3mm 30l/min Flow Rate 15bar Max Differential Pressure Medical Viral Filter

Product Description:

The Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is a highly specialized and essential component in the realm of medical and laboratory applications, designed to provide an effective barrier against a wide range of bacterial and viral contaminants. This product, with its circular shape and standard diameter of 50mm, is tailored to fit a variety of filtration devices, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across different settings. The filter paper is specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of bacterial and viral filtration, providing safety and reliability where it matters most.

Constructed from a high-quality paper material, the Bacterial Viral Filter Paper possesses the necessary attributes to create a formidable defense against the passage of harmful microbes. The paper's fine fibers are arranged in a dense network, which allows air and fluids to pass while trapping bacteria and viruses effectively. This bacteria filter sheet is an indispensable tool in clinical and laboratory environments, ensuring that sterility is maintained and cross-contamination is prevented.

The application of the bacterial filter paper spans a diverse range of functions. It is commonly used in respiratory therapy equipment, such as ventilators and anesthesia machines, to prevent the transmission of infectious agents to and from patients. Additionally, it finds its use in various scientific research and diagnostic procedures, where sterile samples are imperative. The bacterial viral filter paper is also employed in the production of vaccines and other sterile pharmaceutical products, ensuring that the highest safety standards are upheld during manufacturing.

Each filter paper is meticulously packed in a bag to preserve its sterility and integrity until the moment of use. This thoughtful packaging guarantees that the filters remain uncontaminated and ready for immediate application upon opening. The packing materials are selected to provide optimal protection against environmental factors such as moisture and dust, which could compromise the filter's performance. The convenience of the packaging allows for ease of storage and handling within medical facilities and laboratories.

The circular shape of the filter ensures a snug and secure fit within equipment, eliminating the risk of bypass that could occur with improperly sized filters. The 50mm diameter is a common size that offers a balance between surface area and flow rate, making it versatile for a multitude of equipment and applications. By maintaining this standard size, the filter paper can be readily incorporated into existing systems without the need for additional modifications or adapters.

The Medical Viral Filter aspect of the product highlights its crucial role in protecting patients and healthcare workers alike from airborne pathogens. In an era where viral outbreaks and hospital-acquired infections pose significant health risks, the importance of effective viral filtration cannot be overstated. This filter paper serves as a frontline defense, contributing to the creation of safer healthcare environments and improving patient outcomes. By capturing and containing viral particles, the filter helps to prevent the spread of illnesses and provides peace of mind for both patients and providers.

In conclusion, the Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is a vital component for maintaining sterile conditions in medical and laboratory contexts. Its circular shape, standard diameter of 50mm, paper-based material, and secure bag packaging come together to offer a reliable solution for bacterial and viral filtration. Whether it is referred to as a bacteria filter sheet, bacterial filter paper, or Medical Viral Filter, this product stands out for its quality, efficiency, and versatility. It is an indispensable tool that upholds the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring that critical environments are protected from the threat of microbial contamination.



  • Product Name: Bacterial Viral Filter Paper
  • Material: Paper
  • Flow Rate: 30l/min/100cm2
  • Packing: In Bag
  • Filtration Efficiency: 99.99%
  • Application: Bacterial And Viral Filtration
  • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency): >99.99%
  • Product Type: Disposable Anesthesia Respiratory Filter
  • Feature: High Efficiency Filter
Circular Bacterial Filter Paper 3mm 30l/min Flow Rate 15bar Max Differential Pressure Medical Viral Filter 0Circular Bacterial Filter Paper 3mm 30l/min Flow Rate 15bar Max Differential Pressure Medical Viral Filter 1Circular Bacterial Filter Paper 3mm 30l/min Flow Rate 15bar Max Differential Pressure Medical Viral Filter 2 

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Max Differential Pressure 15bar
Packing In Bag
Max Operating Temperature 100℃
Max Sterilization Pressure 2bar
Shape Circular
Application Bacterial And Viral Filtration
Thickness 3mm
Flow Rate 30l/min/100cm2
Pressure Drop 0.5bar
Filtration Efficiency 99.99%


The longwangda Bacterial Viral Filter Paper, model number lwd52066881-06e, is a highly efficient and reliable solution designed to serve multiple applications and scenarios where sterile environments and protection against bacterial and viral contamination are paramount. Originating from China, this product comes with the assurance of quality, holding certifications like Rohs, MSDS, and a Biocompatibility report, ensuring that the filter meets the highest safety and environmental standards.

Suitable for a minimum order quantity of 10000 pieces, the longwangda bacterial filter is delivered in secure packaging, with each box containing 10000 pieces, ensuring that large-scale demands can be met with ease. The delivery timeline is set between 10 to 25 days, providing a swift response to urgent needs. Transactions are smoothly handled via T/T payment terms, while the daily supply ability of 30000 pieces indicates the brand's commitment to meeting continuous and high-volume requirements.

With a maximum sterilization pressure of 2 bar and a pore size that ranges between 0.5 to 2.5μm, this circular-shaped filter paper is crafted from high-quality material that guarantees optimal performance. The pressure drop is maintained at a low level of 0.5bar, ensuring that the filter does not impede airflow or cause unnecessary pressure build-up in the systems it is applied to. These attributes make the filter ideal for various scenarios, including medical, laboratory, and industrial settings where sterility is crucial.

One of the primary applications of the longwangda Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is in CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines. The CPAP Filter is an essential component for patients suffering from sleep apnea, as it ensures that the air they breathe throughout the night is free from harmful bacteria and viruses, thus preventing respiratory infections and ensuring the patient's safety and comfort.

Another significant application is as an HME (Heat and Moisture Exchange) Filter in mechanical ventilation systems. The filter paper helps in maintaining the humidity and temperature of the inspired air, while also filtering out pathogens, providing a dual function that is critical in intensive care and operating rooms. The longwangda filter ensures that patients are not exposed to airborne contaminants that can compromise their health, especially in their most vulnerable states.

Overall, the longwangda Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is a versatile and indispensable product that supports a wide array of applications where clean and safe air is not just a requirement but a necessity. With its robust design, efficient filtering capabilities, and reliability, it stands as an essential component in promoting health and preventing disease transmission in various professional scenarios.



Brand Name: longwangda

Model Number: lwd52066881-06e

Place of Origin: china

Certification: Rohs/MSDS/Biocompatibility report

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000pcs

Packaging Details: 10000PCS/BOX

Delivery Time: 10-25DAY

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 30000pcs/day

Flow Rate: 30l/min/100cm2

Packing: In Bag

Max Sterilization Temperature: 121℃

Pore Size: 0.5-2.5μm

Thickness: 3mm

Our CPAP Filter is meticulously crafted by the trusted china factory , longwangda, ensuring a high standard of quality and safety. Designed for single use, this Sterile EO Disposable Filter is ideal for maintaining hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.


Support and Services:

The Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is designed to provide reliable protection against a broad range of bacteria and viruses in various laboratory and clinical settings. Our product ensures high filtration efficiency while maintaining adequate airflow to support different applications.

This filter paper is suitable for use in environments where sterility is of utmost importance. It is commonly utilized in the production of face masks, air filtration systems in clinical settings, and as a protective layer in various laboratory procedures.

Technical support for this product includes guidance on proper usage, handling, and storage to maintain its effectiveness and integrity. Our team is available to address any questions regarding compatibility with specific equipment and to assist in troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the application of the filter paper.

For optimal performance, it is important to follow the instructions provided with the product carefully. The Bacterial Viral Filter Paper should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources to preserve its filtration capabilities.

Our services also include assistance with product selection to ensure that you choose the right filter paper for your specific needs, as well as support with installation and fitting if necessary. We are committed to providing high-quality support to enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations involving our Bacterial Viral Filter Paper.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Our Bacterial Viral Filter Paper is meticulously packed to ensure its integrity and sterility. Each sheet is individually sealed in a protective polyethylene pouch, which is then placed into a sturdy cardboard box. The box is clearly labeled with product information, usage instructions, and expiration date. For bulk orders, these boxes are further packed into larger, reinforced cartons to safeguard the contents during transit.


We take great care to ensure that your order of Bacterial Viral Filter Paper arrives in perfect condition. The product is shipped using reliable courier services that specialize in handling medical-grade materials. Our shipping process includes real-time tracking and temperature control if necessary, to preserve the quality of the filter paper. We also offer expedited shipping options for urgent requests. All shipments are insured and carefully documented to provide a seamless delivery experience.